Keeping Organic Chickens At Home

One of my most recent projects that has been so far very successful is my organic chickens. I purchased 20 organic chickens from a local breeder who has raised them on natural foods, medicine free etc.

My chicken run is cement floor with bamboo sheeted walls, chicken wire door with wooden frame. I also have chicken wire on half the roof and canvas on the other half so that they can be in some shade or even in the rain but it keeps out all the local cats too.


When I go to feed my lovely chickens the children insist on collecting the eggs. Since my hens got broody ( basically crazy mother hormone) they don’t want us to take the eggs and try to attack whoever tries to take them. Usually means everyone runs in different directions and the lovely smell of chicken floats in the air.

I have some cheeky chickens who decide to escape when I slide the door open as they make a mad dash to my berry bushes.

See whats in my garden now here…

There is always a few who run out to explore and some who are more cautious and wait until almost everyone else has gone out first. Truly amazing to see that even these bird brains are different in their personalities


No matter how much food I give them, some always run around with a piece of green in their mouth as if someone else is chasing them  but everyone else is too busy eating, good thing too otherwise they would catch on to who is the fruit loop in the group.


When all the food is eaten my roosters ( I have 2) decide to walk around and mate my females. I currently have 10 females laying eggs everyday and 3 who lay eggs every second or third day.

A huge reason I wanted to get chickens was not just the obvious reason of organic chicken but also the eggs. If you have ever seen inside a good egg, not a store bought one, the yolk is orange and deep in colour. When I compare the yolk to store purchased eggs the yolk looks almost fluorescent yellow. Also the yolk is literally pinch-able without bursting, it feels solid and not watery.

My kids love eating eggs especially the little ones will take hard boiled eggs from the fridge and sit down happily pealing them ( everywhere) then scoff them.




Every time I feed my chickens I check for eggs, usually they are perfect looking and clean but sometimes if there is only 2 or 3 they get defecated on by other chickens so wipe or wash them. The reason for this is usually the broody hen wont sit on her eggs until she has a nice little cluster. She will even gather stray eggs or other hens will lay in her box as chickens are communal nesters

Whenever I find a random egg I will put it into a box with a hen, just to help them out a little and they don’t mind.

My red bucket is my compost heap which my chickens sit above and do their business into. When I clean their run I also put all the food and other waste into the bucket. My chickens then return to it and eat from it and scratch around.


My lovely rooster showing off how beautiful he is, he is the younger of the 2 roosters very relaxed and  nice with the hens



1 successful day of egg collection, I rinsed them before bringing them inside but will wash them again properly before putting them into the fridge.



I would say chickens are very easy to keep, they pretty much do everything themself you just have to make sure:

They eat enough and have clean water.

Supply a variety of food even if they are naturally searching for food, you need to make sure they are getting enough protein and calcium to make good eggs and stay healthy.

Protect them from preditors.

If they do look unwell they need a vet fast because chickens can deteriorate rapidly and if God forbid they have bird flu you would want to know so you and your family can stay clear of them.
My goal is to increase my number of chickens so we can distribute them as food to the poor in my locality. Where I live there is very little to no regulation on what happens to animals before they are sold to slaughter. Many chickens have white stripping on the breast or a total white layer on top from being over fed growth hormones.

A normal fed to get fat chicken will cost about 32 Moroccan Dirham depending on the size and time of year. For an organic chicken it will be literally 3 to 4 times that amount which no one can afford here, not even me.

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