My Life in Morocco- Part 3- Abusive Neighbors

In 2017 while I was 5 months pregnant I was living in yet another village outside of the city. It was the 7th house we had lived in since coming to Morocco in 2014. Our home was a riad made from mud, nice and spacious but a headache to clean since the desert loves to throw dust and sand your way.

I had noticed one day while cleaning the floor a rock had been thrown into my house from over the wall. Bang! another one and a third, a little panicked I grabbed the kids and took them into a room. I watched to see what was being thrown into my house and what angle it was coming from. That was when I saw my neighbors son on top of my roof peaking into the open area which was actually covered in a tent style with a canvas. He lifted a portion that was held down by a rock and was peeping through.

I become so angry as I watched his shadow moving around my rooftop through the canvas and he moves to another angle to peek through, he had made holes in the canvas and placed rocks there at strategic places so that  he can see all angles into my house.

The canvas opening on top of our roof. The sides are pinned down like a tent but the boy had ripped them out and put rocks there instead

Being that I wear the Islamic covering ( covering my hair,face and entire body) I was saddened that my neighbors son a 13 year old boy who are Muslim was peeping into my home. They know what a shameful thing this was to do and he was throwing rocks in my house too while my kids and I are in his direct line of fire.

I went to my neighbor to ask her if anyone had climbed onto their roof, I was very cautious not to say I saw her son so that I wouldn’t embarrass her. I told her I saw a boy wearing a certain colour top and trousers about 13 years old walking around on my roof and peeping inside throwing rocks. She become agitated and told me that it must be some other children from across the street. I left the matter in her hands as we both clearly knew it was her son, especially when he came downstairs and heard me telling his mother and low and behold he had the same clothes on that I described.

Days and weeks pass with this woman’s children scratching my car with rocks completely removing the paint. I learnt she didn’t care what her children did, she just threw them outside the house into the street everyday, all day so she wouldn’t have to deal with them. Every time her kids threw rocks at my kids coming home from a lesson or the shop, every time a rock was thrown into my house through the canvas or someone was trying to peep in I would go to her and inform her and all my other neighbours about the peeping in.

Enough Is Enough

One day it got so bad that someone from her rooftop threw a rock and almost hit my 2 little ones in the head while they put their shoes on at the front door.

I went to her house and told her that not only me but my neighbors daughter had seen the rock come from their house. She became so enraged and started to swear at me calling me a ‘trouble maker’ and a ‘foreigner’ among other things. I told her I respected her and never approached her child about such behavior for peeping into my home nor do anything to them when scratching my car, pooing on the floor at my doorstep or throwing things at my kids. But this was enough I told her I was going to the police because her children are animals and she is a negligent mother.

I was heavily pregnant, hormonal and upset that my car was scratched all over with wiggly lines and flowers ( cars are extremely expensive in Morocco) Her kids wouldn’t dare to touch one of the other cars parked near mine, only my car.They know the man of the home would come out and smack them up.

This beast of a person grabbed me by my clothes and pulled me into her house. She started shoving me with a wooden broom stick further and further into her house. Even though she knew I was pregnant,¬† I raised my hands and repeated the phrase,’ I’m pregnant’ because she was trying to hit me in my stomach with the stick.

She started to laugh and as her kids ran downstairs to see what was happening I looked at her kids as this animal of a person grabbed my niqqab and tried to pull it off, punching me in the head, face and stomach while her kids cried and screamed telling her to stop. I personally just couldn’t imagine putting my hands on another Muslim, even if they hit me. I fear that I could transgress and retaliate beyond what would be ok.

I heard my children banging on her door shouting for me as my oldest child ran to the Imams house. He finally came and told her to open the door, This disgusting vile person started to say that I walked into her home and started to hit her kids so she locked me in and will call the police.

Alhamdulillah the imams wife was a friend of mine and knows I’m not that type of person since any other Moroccan who had to deal with what I did would have slapped her kids upside the head from the first time they scratch their car or threw a rock at their kid. But I cant do that, so they mocked me and continued to torment me.

Finally the imam convinced her to open the door, as I walked out I almost fainted as I started to have contractions, my mouth was bleeding and seeing my children full of fear made me sick. The Imam asked if I was ok, my neighbors all watching and my friends rushing to me to help me walk back into my house with my children.

One of my closest friends went back outside and told the Imam that my mouth was bleeding, my face was scratched and I was having contractions. After hearing this he told her to take me to his wife in their home.

I went to their home as the Imam asked my neighbors what had happened. Subhan Allah no matter how cleaver a person thinks of them self or how good their lie sounds Allah defends those who are innocent and remain upright. My neighbors ( 3 men and 4 women) all said they watched from their door or windows and saw the woman swearing at me and becoming very aggressive, as I was standing about 1m away from her door to the side she leaned out grabbing my clothes and pulled me into her home sideways which made me stumble.

I had then found out from my friends who came to see me, the owner of the house we rented from and the Imam that everyone who has lived there has left because of that woman and her kids. People cant even get rid of her because she owns her home, her son spies into my other neighbors home and when he confronted them her daughter who is 16 started to swear at the man and spat in his face.

Her son would cut the phone lines and throw things at passing cars, he would climb from roof to roof and torment other people at one stage he poisoned one ladies pigeons which she use to depend on for food as a widow without any income.

The Imam called my Husband and told him that he needed to return home explaining to him what had happened. I went to my Dr the next day where she confirmed everything was fine but put me on a medication to relax my uterus and stop the contractions she didn’t even charge me for the consultation.

After returning home I told my Husband I couldn’t remain in that house anymore and that I wanted to move I felt unsafe and traumatized …. Once again we packed all our possessions while I was almost 7 months pregnant and moved house back into the city.

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