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I often get asked about homeschooling and what my kids learn, what levels they are at and where I get resources from.

The truth is most of what they learn comes from my own lesson plans I make at home after researching certain topics and the best way to teach them. Sometimes I have to find alternative ways as not all my children learn the same way or ” get it ” the first time.

Some great resources I love are here below in the links.

Phonics Primer.doc – PhonicsPrimer


A noun is the name of a person

I’m not aware of any trademark not to share these. I will dig through my bookmarks and add more resources that I use inshaAllah.

Being a home schooling mum and a charity worker I actually make most flash cards and laminated sheets for my kids myself. That way my older kids write in whiteboard marker that can be wiped off and they can do it numerous time and I can pass it down to my younger one.

This actually saves alot of my time as I don’t have to always make 4 lesson plans for each day of lessons.

Things don’t have to always look fancy the important thing in teaching your children is that you have high contrast ( black letters on white paper) clear and sometimes minimal pictures so they learn what they need. Then you can revert to pictures and fun things for memorizing different things or songs so they don’t forget or in case they forget they can remind themself.

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