Dua for Your Children (Yawmul Arafat) or any day

How often do we make dua for our children ? In some cultures they even curse their children or the uncle or mother of their child. Similarly some cultures say to their kids when they are naughty ” may Allah guide you”.

May Allah guide our children and make good words a custom of our speech and flow easily from our tongues Ameen

Let’s reverse this negative demeaning way of speech and instead of scolding our children or calling them names like “stupid” or “naughty” or saying ” Allah curse you” etc let’s say, ” may Allah guide you” or ” may Allah give you goodness”

Prayers for your children on this blessed Day of Arafat and any other day of the year


Oh Allah I ask you to grant goodness to my children.

Oh Allah I ask you to give them a long blessed life and health.

Oh Allah, bring up among them the young ones.

Oh Allah strengthen among them the weak ones.

Oh Allah cure among them the sick ones.

Oh Allah, help me take care of them, so that they are good to themselves, to us and to others.

Oh Allah grant them obedience, love and fear of you.

Oh Allah protect them from diseases, the evil of the envier and from bad company.

Oh Allah Make them the source of our pride and happiness, in this life and in the hereafter.

Oh Allah grant them of your bounty a share of: faith, knowledge, and an exalted standards of character.

Oh Allah count them among the: happy, pious, prosperous, generous, merciful, and healthy.

Oh Allah grant them the gift of good behaviour, intelligence, hard work and discipline.

Oh Allah protect them from smoking, drugs, peer pressure and evil influences.

Oh Allah grant them what will make them happy and successful in this life and the hereafter.

Please share with parents and families.

Hesham Al-Awadi, 9 Duh Al-Hijah 1438 AH, Kuwait.


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