Reverts on Eid

As a revert I have always faced a lonely feeling on Eid. No matter how many good friends send me beautiful messages and sisters embrace me at Eid salah like they do everyone else. There is still a sense of loneliness and sadness that I don’t get to pray Eid salah or celebrate with my own family.

Often times reverts, especially those who aren’t married are left alone and secluded from the racial cliques in the masjid or Eid prayer.

To all those sisters who are alone and feeling secluded on this day of Eid, I’m making dua for you and I know how you feel but most importantly Allah has not forgotten you as long as you remember Him.

I ask Allah to alleviate the suffering of all those who are afflicted with sadness or hardships during Eid, those who are alone, away from their family or in prison. May Allah grant you patience and happiness may He reward you with jennatul firdaws and give you the best of this life and the akhirah. May He bless you with good company and close companions who will help you attain jennah. Allahummah salli wassalam also nabiyana Muhammad wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wassalam Ameen


  1. Congratulation on your true path. I wish your family could celebrate Eid with you someday. My husband is a Revert and his family is very nice about our Eid. Are you in the States? Once you will have your own family, you wouldn’t even care for anything…you will be too busy shopping for your kids on Eid. My husband had a tradition and it just invented by him. First, we go to Eid prayers and then we go to Donuts shop to get Donuts. We come home and change to light clothing so we can take the kids and my mother to somewhere out to eat or so. I will keep you in my prayers. It’s very nice to meet you here.

    • Thank you for your comment, I wish that one day I can celebrate Eid with my parents may Allah guide them ameen

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