Khalti Fatimah November 2018

I saw Khalti Fatimah today and alhamdulillah she was able to sit and talk a little. But was struggling to keep a conversation.

Her house as you can see is in a very unfortunate state. The roof has holes in it from the gaps in the bamboo that is scarcely spread out, the plastic tarp is breaking due to the wind and rain is able to penetrate the toilet ( which has no door) and the kitchen. Just to walk from the room she lives in to go to the kitchen or toilet she has to walk out into the cold and rain onto a mud floor.

We want to raise enough money to fix the roof for the kitchen and bathroom and extend it to cover the walk way between the room and bathroom.

If we can get enough money to cement a walk way instead of our 81 year old aunty walking on the mud that would be appreciated.

We need to raise £140 a month to cover the cost of medicine and basic food necessity’s.

The cost to fix the roof and some cement on the floor is about £600 but we are trying to get a quote from the same man who fixed the Imams house as he did a good job for them and worked well.

Please share this post and make dua for the family who are struggling not only with the expense of medicine but also food and keeping warm during this cold weather.

Barrak Allahu feekum

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