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    Name: Sister 36
    Build: Average
    Residency/ Citizenship/ City : American
    NATIONALITY : American ( white)
    Religious commitment/Prayer etc: pray, wear niqqab, practicing
    Facial hair/Hijjab/ Niqqab: niqqab
    Previously married, Divorced, widowed: divorced
    Living arrangements: live with my children ( 3 kids)
    Work: NA
    DESCRIBE YOURSELF: I’m a practicing Muslim woman who reverted to Islam and ended my marriage to the father of my children as he is not a Muslim. He is now in prison for a very long time.
    SPECIAL CONDITIONS OR MORE INFORMATION: I don’t want to marry someone from another country but I’m ok to travel within my own country to any state.

    About the spouse you are looking for.

    Height: taller then myself
    Build: average
    Residency/ Citizenship/ City : USA ONLY!
    Religious commitment/Prayer etc: must be practicing, praying and striving
    Facial hair/Hijjab/ Niqqab: beard
    Previously married, Divorced, widowed: Anything
    Living arrangements:
    Work: He must have a job and working

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