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    If you sign up to this forum you agree to the following:

    To respect all members, users and admins.

    To use Islamic manners and not be abusive or post UN-Islamic material.

    You wont seek harram relationships like friendships and dating through this forum.

    If you are a woman, you have the consent of your mahram to be looking for marriage.

    You wont make multiple profiles or accounts.

    You will be honest in any submission of material to do with seeking marriage and wont deceive the admins, users or a potential spouse through our forum.

    We don’t necessarily agree with everything that is posted of any nature, by users,admins,members etc.

    We may post on subjects that are of educational,religious purpose and doesn’t mean that we hold the same view or beliefs.

    We reserve the right to terminate and delete any post or member,user at any time for breach of these rules or at our own free will to remove a member for other reasons that we see fit.

    We DO NOT tolerate any forms of abuse to admins, members or users, this could be subtle, passive aggressive abuse or anything that we see to be an unhealthy approach towards forum members.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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