I work with the poor families, widows and orphans.

 I spend countless hours everyday meeting the poor who need help, driving to and from their homes, Dr appointments, shopping and collecting donations.

 I pay out of my own pocket many times to purchase what is needed in emergencies as I cant always get donations in time. I also pay for for advertising on Facebook and my blog out of my own pocket.

I home school my children which gives me the freedom to do what I need to, the also have private tutoring.

I’m happy to do what I do for the sake of Allah but unfortunately I don’t always have the funds which can cause delays in helping and I’m forced to prioritise or just apologise for not being able to help which is extremely hard to do.

The amount of hours I spend on my laptop updating campaign’s, making adverts and answering people’s questions, translating messages from Arabic ( not my first language) to English sometimes adds up to 8 hours a day give or take.

I would never take money from donations for my own self which is why I’m asking for donations to help me continue the work I do which consumes a lot of time and energy including time away from my 5 kids.

May Allah reward anyone who can help